807 Tuesday in point form
new kitten. her name is kalliope and she sleeps curled up with me. quit job. starting business full-time. chocolate. world with brand-new eyes. trying to network in every way possible. noting i'm too old for the myspace, too young for the linkedin, too blase for the facebook, too flustered for the networking nights. mostly i just love my kalliope. and business? is good. love? is good. i? think i am doing alright, for once.

oh and pertinent urls:

  • the relaunched, redesigned, way-better triggers & sparks

  • facebook still confuses me

  • linkedin = myspace for "professionals", which i suppose i'm grudgingly trying to be

  • plaxo is handy for if you need to stalk me or something

  • and once i learn how to work my camera and stop being afraid of the cold, i'm totally using my flikr account to death

help me social-network, since i suck at it. l;

baby photos to follow.

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2049 Tuesday NO NO NO

This is not a joke. That's seriously the new look.

Now, it took them FIFTY YEARS to redesign the Archieverse. I don't want to talk about it.

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1031 Tuesday i am a stress-o-hol

In other news, last night Josh started pounding on my door at 2am. He left, calling me a bitch, then came back for me. Repeat, throw in a few threats against Keith including my personal favourite, "I'm going to eat Keith", repeat.

Two hours later he gave up on me and woke up Travis under the pretense of couch-crashing, and proceeded to SING about Keith and I until he got kicked out.

I think I'm a little disappointed that he hasn't frozen to death in a ditch anywhere.

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